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Is Your Business Ready for More Customers?

December 14, 2015 | 2 minutes to read
Is Your Business Ready for More Customers?

WSI, your local SEO Company in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County Asks “Is Your Business Ready for More Customers?”

It may take one month and it may take six months, but when the benefits of your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign kick in, you’d better be ready! When your website suddenly gets a ton more traffic, there are some details you need to have in place. What is your role in the process and what is ours?

Our Role and Your Role

Our Role

WSI Smart Marketing’s first role is to meet with you face-to-face and guide you in the decision-making process. Who is your target audience? What keywords will we use in your content to reach that audience? How can site design impact your Google ranking? Which of our services would be worth your money?  In addition to expertise in search engine optimization and internet marketing, we are also experienced business consultants. Since we are a local SEO company in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, we are familiar with the local market.

Your Role

After our initial meeting, your role is to decide which services you want from us and make sure that all the information on your website (or the information you give us to create your new site) is up to date and accurate. Help us to serve you by communicating with us clearly and often.

Our Role

Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for. Through our web design, content, keywords, and/or online advertising, our role is to improve your Google ranking, thereby bringing your site more traffic. How fast this happens will depend on what services you purchase and how much competition there is in your field.

Your Role

Be ready! If you suddenly get more calls and clicks but you don’t have the time to respond, you’ll miss an important window of opportunity. The whole reason you hired an SEO company was to get you a better ranking was to get more customers and clients, right? But potential customers will contact the next business on the page if you don’t respond in a timely manner.

Your Role

Keep communicating with us about your SEO. We’re keeping track of all sorts of changes, and we might need input from you. In addition, if you have any new ideas, we’re happy to listen and adjust. Be careful not to make changes in your site without asking us how it will affect your ranking.

Our Role

We work behind the scenes for you every day. We keep abreast of changes in how Google ranks sites. If you hire us for ongoing services, we make changes to your page accordingly and keep track of how your page is ranking in various searches. If you’re looking for an SEO company in Santa Rosa, or in the Sonoma County area, to help you bring in new customers, contact us or call (707) 843-3714 for a free consultation today.

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