Does Hiring Paid Search Specialists Work?

Does Hiring Paid Search Specialists Work?

You can probably guess that since we are Advanced Paid Search specialists in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, our answer is going to be “yes.” And it is. But why does it work? Here are 3 reasons.

3 Reasons Hiring Advanced Paid Search (Pay Per Click) Specialists Works


1. Because Pay Per Click Works

Everyone agrees that Pay Per Click works. It’s a great option for almost any company. You can spend what you want and target the customers you want, and you pay based on how many people click your link. So if Pay Per Click is such a sure thing, then why do you need a specialist? Read on.

2. Because Specialists Have Experience

You can run your Pay Per Click campaign yourself. However, Pay Per Click specialists can save you from wasting a lot of time by helping you understand how to reach the customers who are most likely to lead to sales. WSI Smart Marketing consultants are globally successful conversion specialists and specialists in marketing locally to Sonoma County and its surrounding area in general. Let our experience help you start a step ahead. Don’t waste months on advertising the wrong way. Make every click count.

3. Because Specialists Track Your Results

If you set up your Pay Per Click advertising yourself and it doesn’t seem to be converting to sales, then what? If you hire a specialist and ask “now what?” the specialist can tell you. Are you targeting the wrong searches? Is your website a hindrance? Should you give up on Pay Per Click?

If you start off with a specialist, you will have started ahead of the game. You’ll start with a good campaign and track it from there, refining until you are spending your advertising money as efficiently as possible. There’s so much to track online. Who’s searching what, who’s clicking where, and who is buying? If you don’t have time to become a specialist in online marketing yourself, it pays to hire a specialist.

WSI Smart Marketing professionals are conversion, SEO, and Pay Per Click specialists in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County. For a free consultation about Pay Per Click or other online marketing, contact us or call (707) 843-3714 today.

Why You Need the Best SEO Company

Why You Need the Best SEO Company

Let us start off by saying that we’re not going to spend this blog trying to convince you that we’re the best SEO company in Santa Rosa, only that if you own a business in Sonoma County, you do need a Search Engine Optimization expert — whether that’s you or someone you hire.

Why Do You Need the Best SEO Company in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County?
Your Customers Are Affected by SEO

Whether they know it or not, when your customers search online for your service or product, they are affected by Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They may think that the first page of results are all the internet has to offer, or they may think that Google magically finds the best deals on the best products and puts them on the first page—who knows? But what we do know is that for some reason very few people research past the first page or so. For better or for worse, your page ranking matters.

Your Competitors Are Thinking about SEO

Your competitors know that page ranking matters, and they’re taking steps to ensure that search engines find them and give them a high ranking for a variety of search phrases. You may be starting to wonder why, if your business has been around longer or has had more customers than your competitors in the past, they are ranking above you. If that’s happening, then your competitors know how to build a responsive website and utilize keywords and online advertising. This might not affect your sales immediately, but eventually there will be a shift, since new customers are using their phones to find the product or service they want.

SEO Is Here to Stay

The shift to customers making their buying decisions online is here to stay. Google may change what they look for when they’re ranking sites, but there will always be ranking. SEO companies stay on top of Google’s ranking changes, and the businesses with either the best SEO knowledge on their own or the best SEO company in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County working for them will get the most business in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County.

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