Mandi Promoted to Accounting & HR Division Director

Since joining us in 2019, Mandi foster has evolved to become much more than just our Accounting Manager. She has become a friend, a mentor, and a key part of our business. Not to mention that Mandi is also the resident snack baker and the most popular person in the office every payday!

Mandi has grown to know the ins and outs of our everyday business operations and has had quite a hand in the overall business strategy and direction. She’s had big shoes to fill when she was learning alongside Ken Kelly, but Mandi has continued to succeed at each new challenge thrown her way.

She enters the office with a smile every day and her energy reverberates throughout the team. For her contributions, we’re excited to announce that Mandi has been promoted to HR & Accounting Division Director. She has earned recognition for her work and we look forward to seeing what else she has hidden up her sleeve to help us grow!

Mandi is a key part of our team of digital marketing experts located in Santa Rosa. To get a hold of us, call (707) 843-3714.

Cynthia Promoted to Marketing Division Director

When Cynthia first joined us in February of 2017, we knew that she would be the perfect fit to help develop the account management division of our company. In the years since then, she has not disappointed. In fact, Cynthia has become even more integral to our company’s growth and performance.

As she continues to build her career, Cynthia expertise reaches beyond our local office into the WSI global network. In 2020, she was selected as the Q2 Top Contributor which was awarded to her based on her contributions to the global network, willingness to share her expertise, and become a resource for other partner agencies within our network.

At our office, Cynthia’s presence has continued to grow as she does. Her marketing prowess, warm personality, and all-encompasing digital marketing knowledge make Cynthia a triple threat!

We’re so very lucky to have her as a part of our team. That’s why we are proud to announce that, in recognition of her contributions and growth, Cynthia has been promoted to the position of Marketing Division Director. As the department she helped build continues to grow, Cynthia’s responsibilities have shifted too. Cynthia’s dedication to our clients satisfaction, company performance, and team development remain unwavering.

We look forward to Cynthia’s future successes!

Cynthia is one of the many talented members of our team at WSI Smart Marketing. Our local Santa Rosa branch has been helping businesses conquer the Internet for over a decade. To get in touch with us, please call (707) 843-3714.