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Whether you are looking to build a new digital marketing strategy or reinvigorate an existing one, look to the team at WSI Smart Marketing. We are a full-service digital marketing agency with an unparalleled ability to help businesses of all shapes and sizes build a strong online presence. Our passion for our partners and their success sets us apart from others. When looking for a digital marketing partner for your business, here’s why you should choose WSI.

Why WSI?

Digital marketing has come a long way in recent years and is continually evolving. Professionals who stop adapting and pursuing innovation in this fast-paced industry stop growing. Our team of experts brings a growth mentality with the ability to embrace the industry’s latest trends and best practices.

Our Consultative Approach

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing. We, at WSI Smart Marketing, know that every business is unique in its needs and goals. By taking a consultative approach, we work together with our partners, providing recommendations and strategies tailored to their individual marketing goals.

Communication is the key to your success. Our project managers are expert communicators. They update clients with progress, providing timely updates to pave the way for better decision-making.

Our team of digital marketing consultants serves as trusted advisors and partners in business. We provide strategic marketing solutions through transparent communication, unlocking a world of possibilities through digital marketing.

Unique Collaboration Network

The WSI network is a unique and powerful team. Our partners and employees may come from different cultural backgrounds but they are united in their passion for helping businesses grow.

Advanced Tools and Technologies

We use advanced digital marketing tools and technologies. WSI is ahead of the curve in adopting new technologies. We optimize our processes and workflows at regular intervals. Streamlined processes and workflows help save our clients and us time and money, promoting efficiency.

Extensive Experience

Since WSI’s inception, we have helped more than 100,000 businesses build and strengthen its online presence. Our team has won numerous accolades over the years and we have earned our clients’ trust by consistently meeting and exceeding their expectations. So, when businesses collaborate with WSI, they can rest assured that our team of experts has the skills and experience needed for a successful digital marketing campaign.

Ongoing Support

Our clients have the assurance of continued support from our troubleshooting team. Our experts are willing and ready to go the extra mile to keep client campaigns and websites running optimally. If your website encounters an unexpected problem or error, reach out to our team at WSI; we are available and happy to help find a solution for your needs.

Are you looking for a team of reliable digital marketing experts to take your business to the next level? Reach out to WSI Smart Marketing today. Grow your business online by contacting our office at (707) 843-3714.

4 Email Marketing Best Practices

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Email marketing involves using personalized emails to promote products or services. There are several benefits of email marketing, and it serves as one of the most cost-effective marketing methods. Email marketing helps you reach the right people with your business’s message at the right time. An effective email marketing strategy can help increase conversions utilizing your CRM.

As Santa Rosa’s leading email marketing company, WSI Smart Marketing is here to provide you with some simple yet effective email marketing tips to get your business started.

Personalize Your Message

Generic messages often end up in recipients’ junk folders. Personalization is the key to a successful email marketing campaign. A personalized message is unique yet relevant to the topic and audience. When done correctly, open email rates skyrocket if the subject line is catchy or creative, improving the open rate by over 50%.

Here are some ways to personalize your messages:

  • Address recipients by their names at the beginning of the email.
  • Segment the lists of email recipients. Doing this will allow you to send targeted and personalized messages to your recipients according to their specific segments.
  • Send emails based on customers’ behavior. For example, when a customer buys a product, send them an email discussing tips to help them get the most out of it, or send a thank you or welcome mail to website visitors who download your content or sign up for an event.
  • Show your customers you know them by sending birthday or anniversary greetings with a discount coupon.
  • Send customers emails suggesting relevant products based on their purchase history.

Optimize For Mobile

Around 62% of emails are opened on mobile devices. If your emails are not optimized for mobile, you may fail to get your customers’ attention and miss them with usability altogether.

When designing mobile-friendly emails, consider the following:

  • Make sure all relevant text can be read easily without having to pan over.
  • Test different font sizes. Make sure the font you are considering is easy on the eyes.
  • Place essential links at the top of the page instead of down below.
  • Use images sparingly.

Regularly A/B Test Email Content

A/B testing your emails is a great way to improve their effectiveness. A/B testing helps you understand what works and what doesn’t. Test your email subject lines, CTAs, layouts, button sizes, colors, and images.

By changing these elements one at a time and testing which one performs better, an email marketing campaign can perform at its best using its optimal version determined through the tests.

Send Emails at the Right Time

Regardless of how well-written your emails are, recipients may move them to their trash or spam folder if you send them at the wrong time. Use insights generated by Google Analytics to determine the best time to send emails.

Depending on the lists of audience you are sending your email marketing campaign to, these best times may vary. However, studies show that Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best days to send marketing emails. Email open rates are usually lower on holidays, late into the evening, Monday mornings, and Friday evenings.

At WSI Smart Marketing, we are committed to helping businesses build a robust online presence with sustainability at its core. Our digital marketing experts have in-depth knowledge of digital marketing principles and practices to bring your brand to life online. If you want to learn more about our email marketing services, call (707) 843-3714.