The History and Evolution of Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing involves promoting products and services and connecting with customers and prospects using the internet. Digital marketing can help you identify and reach your target audience. It’s cost-effective and enables small to midsize businesses with limited resources to reach a global audience without opening multiple offices. Whether you have a small local business or are at the helm of a MNC, a digital marketing company Santa Rosa can help develop a custom winning digital marketing strategy that supercharges growth.

The main components of digital marketing are search engine optimization, PPC, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, web designing, and marketing analytics.

History of Digital Marketing

Here’s an overview of the history and evolution of digital marketing.

The Emergence of Digital Marketing (1990s – Early 2000s)

  • Early 1990s: The first version/generation of the world wide web (Web 1.0) was launched. It was used from 1989 to 2005. The platform facilitated information discovery but lacked sharing capabilities for users. After the first clickable banner went live in 1993, HotWired purchased some banner ads. These developments marked the beginning of the digital marketing era.
  • 1994-1995: This period saw the launch of Yahoo, and brands began to optimize websites for search engines.
  • 1996-1997: More search engines and tools such as HotBot, LookSmart, and Alexa came into existence.
  • 1998: Google came into existence. The search engine giant revolutionized the digital marketing landscape.
  • 1999: Darcy DiNucci, an information architecture consultant coined the term Web 2.0
  • Early 2000s: Email marketing grew in popularity as an effective marketing tool.

Rise of Social Media and Mobile Marketing (2000s)

  • Mid-2000s: Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn were launched.
  • 2005: YouTube was founded. The video sharing website opened doors to new video marketing opportunities for individuals and businesses.
  • 2006-2007: With the introduction of smartphones, mobile marketing began to gain momentum.

Advancements in Technology and Personalization (2010s)

  • 2010s: Witnessed the emergence of big data. For the first time since the arrival of the internet, marketers had opportunities to create more personalized and targeted marketing strategies.
  • The concepts of influencer marketing and content marketing were introduced.
  • SEO Evolution: Google’s algorithms became more sophisticated, focusing on relevance and content quality.

Integration and Automation (Late 2010s – Present)

  • Marketing Automation: Tools for automating tasks gained popularity.
  • Omnichannel marketing: The concept of omnichannel marketing (involves integrating various digital platforms for a seamless customer experience) gained popularity.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Companies started experimenting with AI and machine learning. Today, these technologies are used by all major industries to improve customer experience.

Current Trends and Future Outlook

  • Voice search and smart assistants are changing the way searches are performed.
  • Virtual and augmented reality helps marketers create immersive experiences.
  • Companies are slowly but surely realizing the importance of data protection.

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Local SEO Company

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The goal of local SEO is to improve your website’s visibility in local search results. It can help generate more quality traffic, improve website conversion rates, and build trust and credibility. Though local SEO may take longer to work than PPC, it drives sustainable results in the long run and is cost-effective. Once you have decided to invest in local SEO, hire a local SEO company near me (Santa Rosa) to manage your project.

Even if many business owners in your industry are utilizing a specific SEO service, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best fit for your needs. Your needs and goals can be very different from other business owners in your industry. A local SEO company that delivers exceptional results for other businesses can fail to meet your unique needs. Analyze your pain points and assess your needs and then hire a provider equipped to develop a custom solution.

Here are some tips for selecting the right local SEO company.

Set Your SEO Goals

Clearly define your local SEO goals. Some common SEO goals include improving ranking for specific keywords, increasing website traffic, and improving online reputation. Understanding your SEO goals helps when evaluating SEO companies.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

Check online reviews, ratings, and testimonials from other clients. When evaluating a service provider, go to their social media profiles to see what their clients are talking about them. Remember to check the agency’s BBB rating.

Check Their Track Record

Look for a local SEO company in your area with a proven track record of delivering concrete, sustainable results. Analyze case studies on the website of the provider you are considering. Go through their portfolio and check their service offerings to determine if they have the experience, skills, and expertise to manage your project.

Ask About Their Methodologies

A reputable SEO agency will openly share their methods for improving client SEO in an understandable manner. While Black Hat SEO yields quick results, it violates search engine guidelines, leading to severe consequences from Google. Needless to say, you will want to hire an agency that uses ethical White Hat SEO practices to improve their clients’ search engine rankings.

Consider Communication and Reporting

Ask if you will get a dedicated account manager. You will also want to know whether you will get daily or weekly updates and how frequently you will be getting reports. Insightful reports can uncover trends and guide decision making. Look for an agency that offers weekly and monthly SEO reports.

SEO is an ongoing process. Select a company that offers continuous support and is flexible enough to adapt their methodologies to changes in search engine algorithms and your business needs.

WSI Smart Marketing offers a wide variety of digital marketing services. Wherever your industry is, we can develop a custom digital marketing strategy that fits your needs. To learn more, call (707) 843-3714.