Ryan Kelly of WSI Smart Marketing Wins Q3 2017 Top Contributor Award

Summary: WSI, a leading global digital marketing firm, recently recognized Ryan Kelly as a Top Contributor during their 2018 Global Convention in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Montreal, QC [July 15, 2018]

Last month, WSI World, an expansive global leader in digital marketing, brought together 300 people from around the world to their annual Gala Awards to pay tribute to the team’s top talent.

The Top Contributor Award is an annual award designed to acknowledge team members who have served in remarkable and innovative ways. Ryan has worked with many new franchisees, interviewed prospective franchisees on behalf of WSI World, participated in Global Summits around the world, assisted in developing processes and strategies which are now carried out throughout the International community, and shown nothing less than a giving attitude expecting nothing in return. Out of 2100 active WSI consultants in 87 countries, Ryan was granted one of four Top Contributor awards, alongside colleagues Cormac Farrelly (Ireland), Eric Cook (USA), and Miguel Valle-Inclan (Spain).

For Q3 2017, Ryan Kelly, co-owner and VP of Sales and Marketing at WSI Smart Marketing, was recognized for his expertise and excellence in the field of digital marketing. Specifically, Ryan is noted for his work in the Quick Start program for teaching new franchisees everything from the basics of digital marketing and advanced digital marketing techniques to business and sales processes. Ryan also participates in the International Top Gun Program. One must be a top earner to be invited into this small circle which meets annually to dissect the current digital market and predict the future digital market.

Ryan, who brings over 14 years of online sales and marketing experience to the table, offers something truly unique to every project he takes on. He has demonstrated a deep sense of understanding when it comes to the individual needs of each client. He knows that it takes more than a great website or a high search ranking to genuinely stand out and advance in one’s industry.

Ryan believes that relationship-building, good messaging and storytelling, as well as truly caring about a client, are the cornerstones of a successful sales strategy—and that is precisely what has made him a top earner.

About Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly, VP of Sales and Marketing and co-owner of WSI Smart Marketing, has more than 14 years of highly successful sales and marketing experience in advanced digital marketing. Ryan’s background in internet marketing, web design, SEO, paid search strategies, social media, and more, has led him to assist numerous companies in developing profitable business strategies and goal achievements.

About WSI

WSI is a global team comprised of digital marketing professionals who are passionate about helping businesses grow their online presence. For more than two decades they have utilized their combined knowledge to assist local and global companies in leveraging the power of the Internet.

WSI’s world-class, forward-thinking strategies are delivered by the best of the best to take businesses to the next level. WSI not only helps businesses convert customers but also build lasting relationships. You can reach WSI Smart Marketing at www.wsiSmartMarketing.com or 707-843-3714 for questions or comments.

Adaptive SEO: What It Is and How It Can Benefit Your Company

Keeping up with Google can be difficult – to say the least. Google updates its algorithms a lot. As in: ALL. THE. TIME. Algorithms are basically computer programs that find “clues” on your site to serve a Google search with the best answer. Nerdy stuff – we know. But we love it! Even though Google is constantly on the run, our SEO company in Sonoma County knows what to do and how to adapt our SEO techniques to be up-to-date with Google’s latest policies.

What is Adaptive SEO?

To start, SEO, or search engine optimization, is essentially the act of aggressively working towards first page rankings on a search engine, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. It requires an on-going process of SEO techniques which involves an in-depth analysis of your website, keyword research, adding content on a monthly basis to keep your site fresh and relevant, and more. The end results are increased online presence and first page rankings (what we strive for every day!), more traffic to your site, increased conversions such as phone calls and form submissions, and ultimately, more sales and a greater ROI of marketing dollars.

Adaptive SEO is a process of constantly assessing and refining digital marketing techniques based on what Google wants and its newest algorithms, in order to not lose rankings and at the same time, improving them. This will in turn help with conversion rates. At first, we focus on a short list of phrases – and as phrases begin to rank on the first page of Google, we shift our efforts to new phrases while maintaining the currently performing phrases. That means that the keyword targeting list is constantly getting larger. Think of it like this: it’s called “adaptive” because it’s a flowing and changing campaign.

Benefits of Adaptive SEO

• Avoid SEO penalties from Google
• Mobile-friendly
• Better ROI

We genuinely want the best for our clients and love seeing their success. Our team at WSI Smart Marketing, located in Sonoma County, is available and here to help. Need more leads? More phone calls? More business? Let’s talk! Give us a call at 707-843-3714 or contact us via email for a no-obligation, 30-minute consultation free of charge. We’d love to discuss how our SEO company and internet marketing services can help grow your business. We have what they call marketing “magic.” Talk to you soon!