WSI Smart Marketing Has Been Awarded Your Best Local SEO and Advertising Experts

WSI Smart Marketing Has Been Awarded Your Best Local SEO and Advertising Experts

Best Advertising agencies in Santa Rosa

The awards keep on coming in! Utilizing an incredibly thorough 50 point inspection scale that dives into 

reviews, experience, expertise, history, and more; Three Best Rated found us to be top-notch! We’ve been selected as one of the in Santa Rosa by Three Best Rated. Our SEO expertise, processes, and commitment to client success are one of the many ways that we help our clients reach their desired customers.

Of the 50-point scale, you can see 12 (to the right) that we were rated the strongest in. These are just some of the reasons why we were voted one of the best digital marketing companies in Santa Rosa.

Who We Are

One of the core tenets of how we operate is that we want to become more than just a supplier to our clients’ businesses, we want to be seen as partners who are mutually vested in their success.

It is no small secret that people like to see and know who they’ll be working with or (in our case) who they’ll be trusting to be a partner in the growth and success of their business. Across our social media, website pages, and YouTube channel there is a wide variety of both images and videos showcasing the members of our team and office culture. It’s important to us that clients see us as more than just a business and we see them as more than just clients. We frequently post a mixture of fun outings our office takes and information about key factors in driving online success.

What We Do

Anybody can say that they understand digital marketing, but it’s entirely another to show that you have the experience to back up your claim. Our VP of Sales and Marketing Strategy, Ryan Kelly, consistently uploads short, simple videos about complex digital marketing topics in a series entitled “SEO on the Go”! If reading is more your thing, our services pages go in depth about the services we provide and how we go about getting our clients the best value out of digital marketing. A company that has been around since the inception of the Internet, WSI is here to be your guide through all things digital.

Wait, there’s more!

The recognition doesn’t stop there, we are pleased to announce that we have also been voted the Best Santa Rosa SEO Expert by Rising Star Reviews. Based on our volume and average review score, we’ve been deemed a cut above the rest for search engine optimization. With an average score of 5.0 stars across multiple review platforms (like Google and Yelp), our reviews rank us higher than our competitors. That’s another feather in our cap so that clients know when we say that we simplify Internet marketing, we really mean it!Best Digital Marketing Company

Of course, we can only brag about how good we are to a point. In actuality, our satisfied clients are the best way for us to show that we know what we’re doing. So we would like to extend a tremendous thank you to all of our clients who work with us and have been thrilled enough to voice their satisfaction through reviews, recommendations, and referrals. We thank you for your continued partnership in both our business and yours!

We may specialize at being the best digital marketing company when it comes to SEO in Santa Rosa, but our services extend well beyond that. Your business deserves the best, so why not work with them? Reach out and connect with our expert team today! Fill out this form or call us at (707) 843-3714 to learn what we can do for you. Let’s explore the world of digital marketing together.

Why Social Media Management is Important for Business Marketing

If you’re using social media, it might be simply to connect with your friends and family. On a personal level, social media is a place to share awesome photos and videos of your latest DIY home project, a recent vacation, photos from the weekend, and more. However, when it comes to using social media for your business, it’s an opportunity to strengthen the customer connection. Are you using this opportunity? Social media is all about creating and building relationships, and social media management is your business’s way to achieve that. If you’re in a position where you’re unsure if social media management is for you, then read on to learn why social media management is important for business marketing.

What Your Business is Missing Without Social Media

More consumers today are reaching for their phones and spending time online. More specifically, they’re spending time on social media, and it’s an enormous opportunity for brands to reach them. A consumer can gain interest in a brand they didn’t even know of just from seeing a post. For example, someone looking for a bar in Santa Rosa for happy hour can search by a hashtag. People want to find you on social media, but if you’re not there, you’ve missed them. Nowadays, if people have an inquiry, they can reach out in a Direct Message or comment on a post.

Not only is social media another way to provide customer service, but it’s a chance to showcase your business’s portfolio. With a post, you can express the human side of your brand with who you are, what you do, and what you represent. People want to see more than your website; they want to see the culture of your business, what you’re doing outside the office in your community, and who your team is. That’s building trust (and the relationship we talked about earlier). So ask yourself – why wouldn’t I want to show off my authority and credibility to my customers?

Don’t Have the Time?

You may be starting to understand the value of social media and want your business to be active on social media, but you don’t have the time. We get it. Being a business owner, you have many responsibilities and adding something that you’re not familiar with may not be at the top of your to-do list. Figuring out each platform or what to post can seem overwhelming and intimidating, thus putting social media on the back burner. That’s where a Social Media Coordinator comes in and your stress leaves.

The Role of a Social Media Coordinator

Now that you want your business on social media, what’s the next step? Well, your target audience is on social media and if you want to reach them, you need to meet them there. The good news is we can help! With the knowledge and expertise of our Social Media Coordinator, we can remove your stress. A social media coordinator is there to research into your brand and develop posts around your brand identity. Engaging with your target market, audience, and other brands that are similar or related to your brand is important but can be time consuming when you have other responsibilities. But your designated Social Media Coordinator does that for you and provides detailed reports on your campaign. Social media management is more than just posting every once in a while. It’s about developing posts strategically to reach your target audience and putting energy into the right platform for your industry.

Your Employees Can Help by Being Brand Ambassadors

You and your staff are most likely your brand’s biggest fans! So, if your business is serious about being social, your team needs to be too. This means each person in the company should be active on your company’s social media platforms. For example, if you have a LinkedIn profile, each employee should add the company he or she works for and like, comment, and share company updates and posts. If you want your audience to do the same, it starts with each of you. You and your team are the brand ambassadors for your business!

Get Social and Let’s Get Started!

Our WSI team is located in Santa Rosa, California, and with the help and knowledge of our Social Media Coordinator, we can help develop the right social media strategy for your business. Let us help you get started and give us a call today at (707) 843-3714 or fill out this form and we’ll be in touch!


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