What is a social media coordinator and what do they do for my business?

With the knowledge and expertise of a Social Media Coordinator, they can help remove your stress of having to develop content and post consistently. A social media coordinator is there to research your brand and develop posts around your brand identity. Engaging with your target market, audience, and other brands that are similar or related to your brand is important but can be time consuming when you have other responsibilities. A Social Media Coordinator does that for you and provides detailed reports on your campaign.

How do I get more followers?

Make sure you’re using hashtags on the appropriate social media platforms because this helps increase the amount of exposure and accounts that will reach your post. This means more opportunities for new followers. Also make sure you’re spreading the word on your website, in your store, to clients, and friends. The more your biggest supporters share your content, which increases more people to see your brand and follow your pages.