Why should I hire a company to do my PPC?

Hiring a professional digital marketing company to handle your PPC is a good idea for several reasons.

1. They have the expertise necessary to execute a campaign at a high level and make necessary optimizations throughout the campaign’s life to maximize conversions.

2. It saves you time! You will be able to feel the effects of a successful paid search campaign and reap the benefits without needing to sacrifice much of your day to managing the campaign.

3. With in-depth reporting, you can see a monthly quick digest of how your campaign is performing that is specifically curated for your business.

Does pay-per-click include Facebook ads?

Pay-Per-Click does include Facebook Ads. However, this is a separate entity within paid search itself which means that business can run both Google Ads and Facebook Ads concurrently in the same campaign. Facebook Ads are part of a larger division of paid search known as social media marketing.